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Connecting students to Jesus and the unsaved


By establishing friendship and engaging in gospel conversation, we by the grace of God lead students to faith in Christ Jesus. We make use of a small booklet called “A Truly Satisfying Life” (TSL). It presents the gospel in a clear and easy to comprehend way.


Helping students know Christ profoundly, deeply and in reality is our chief pursuits in this area. We help them to understand that God should not be viewed from a distance but He wants us to enter into a personal, intimate relationship with Him.


As students begin to mature in their walk with God, our desire is to equip them to have a strong personal ministry with others. Conferences, seminars and workshops organized help them to grow their skills, develop personal vision and transform their characters, all to reach the fullness of Christ.


We help them to discover the heart of God for those who have no access to the gospel, how He is calling them to join Him in rescuing these lives from the bondage of sin and satan, and helping them to explore the different strategic ways they can be involved in this noble enterprise.

Together we can bring "the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ" to our campuses.



Follow JESUS


We help young people enter into a relationship with Christ, learn how to follow Him, reproduce new disciples, and connect to God’s global purpose.

Every year, our tertiary institutions of learning admit tens of thousand of new students. Many of whom have not had the opportunity of making Jesus Christ their Saviour and Lord.

These young people are constantly in search of life's meaning. They are in search of purpose. Their newfound freedom exposes them to different kinds of opinion and belief, all of whom claim to possess the answers to life's vital questions.

We are on campuses to help these student connect to LIFE Himself. Their relationship with Jesus is the only access to living a truly satisfying life. Doing the will of their Maker is the only way life can ever be meaning. And that is what we help them discover.

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